Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello, fellow bloggers and followers..

It's Easter Sunday around the world and I have officially had too much chocolate. What is it with people putting candy in front of my computer as I am sitting at my desk! I feel so obligated to say thank you and eat it... it is Easter Sunday and after all, chocolate is delicious.

I struggled alot in the beginning and middle of March. I guess you could say all of March. But I did manage to lose some weight and am now 16 pounds from where I want to be by the time I graduate on May 15th. It's pretty much a long shot but I am willing to take on the challenge. The closer I get to my goal, the better I look in my dress! Simple as that!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Struggling to Stay Afloat

I am three days into this blog writing experiment and I have already come face to face with a few obstacles.

1. I am a broke college student with a little over a dollar to my name.
2. My schedule isn't flexible enough this semester to allow for cooking time.
3. I am so sick of bagels!

This week I have been trying so hard to just eat something healthy. I usually don't have a problem with this at all! I prefer clean food and am mostly a clean eater when it comes down to it. But when finances are so tight, there is nothing left to chow down but a measly old bagel. I swear, once I am out of this predicament I am running to the store to buy an orange. Because honestly, I miss fruit the most. The other day I had a banana for the first time in 2 weeks and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. You know what they say... TGIF. Payday!

My experiences so far, have put into perspective the challenges that lie ahead. It's not only eating well and exercising that I have to worry about. It's putting in the time and effort to go grocery shopping, planning fiscally responsible menus for the week, working enough to afford my new lifestyle, and so on...

All in all, I have come to the conclusion that this will be my life from now on. Being completely aware of what I put into my mouth and monitoring my actions is the only way I am going to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off. So today, even though I wasn't able to get in my 5 servings of fruits and veggies, I was able to say "Damn, I wish I had an orange"!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slowly but Surely...

Today my roommate and I went out to lunch to this middle eastern restaurant. It was absolutely delicious. I had blackened grilled chicken wrapped in a thin whole wheat pita with veggies drizzled in a garlic toun sauce. We ordered the same thing with different sides. We also got the fried cauliflower with a tahini based sauce on the side. I was not expecting it to be that good! I will definitely have to go back if I am ever in the area again..

For breakfast I had a bagel with low fat garlic cheese spread and for an afternoon snack I had a handful of almonds and a slice of provolone cheese to hold me over.

For dinner, we are making egg white omelettes with peppers, onions, and mushrooms just to keep it light. Lunch was very filling and dinner will hopefully balance everything out.

My goal, along with losing the weight, is to be conscious of what I'm eating at all times. I am hoping this blog will keep me accountable throughout my weight loss journey. I simply cannot be blind or numb to what I put in my mouth anymore. Food is so much more enjoyable if I take the time to savor and enjoy every guilt free bite.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I bought a talking refrigerator that said "Oink" every time I opened the door. It made me hungry for pork chops. ~Marie Mott

I need to lose weight.

I need to lose weight not only because I want to look good, but because I want to FEEL good. Unfortunately, I am obsessed with food...the texture, the taste, the way it makes me feel emotionally after I consume an exuberant amount of it.. I love it all. But, my life will not go in the direction I want it to if I keep eating the way I have been for the past few months. My health is only going to spiral downwards from here on out if I continue with the same eating habits. My diet, how physically fit I am, and how I carry myself all affect my personal and professional life. I am 21 years old... I already have enough to worry about.. I need to dedicate this time in my life to personal freedom, uninhibited fun, and most of all, my well being.

SO, here I am. March 1st 2010. I am on the path to a new and improved 'me'. Follow me on my weight loss journey!

My goal is to lose 22 lbs before my 22nd birthday!